We Buy Your Parts !

Make cash of your old stock !!

Sell Us Your Surplus Automation, Electric and Technical Parts

Hundreds of thousands of unwanted parts are thrown away each year, ending up in landfills with leaking batteries and capacitors posing a hazard to our environment. There is a more eco-friendly and profitable alternative for you and your company:

  • - Stock value reduction
  • - Recycle spare parts – keep them out of the landfills
  • - Recoup some of your initial investment in your assets
  • - Generate cash or receive credit to apply to other purchases
  • - Create space in your warehouse and use the space for other inventory
  • - Get rid of your old obsolete and excess stock, reduce obsolescence
  • - Manage your data and get rid of old item and stock information in your systems
  • - Decrease the warehouse space needed and payed for

Make some cash and de-clutter your store room, all at once! Selling us your used, surplus and unwanted parts, no matter the condition, accomplishes all three.

Simply send us a mail regarding the parts you want to sell and we will respond with an offer, email: info@freba-automation.com . When available include some pictures from your items.

We pay for used,new and and even defect surplus and unwanted spare parts. We purchase hundreds of thousands of surplus parts each year, and have the financial resources to pay you in a timely fashion.

Fill out the application below and list the parts you would like to recycle or attach a file that lists the parts and we will provide you with an offer on your parts.

Turn your unwanted, used and surplus parts into real cash!

Start selling now!